Midrand Kids Party Venue

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Welcome to Barnyard Kids: Where Fun Meets Farm Adventures

Step into the enchanting world of Barnyard Kids, a haven of joyful celebrations and unforgettable moments, all nestled in the heart of our family-run farm. Inspired by the boundless imagination of our own children and our shared passion for animals, we’ve crafted a kid’s party venue that brings dreams to life.

Midrand Kids Party, Kids Party, Centurion Kids Party, Party Venue, Venue near me, outdoor party venue

Discover a World of Wonder

Unveil the magic of our sprawling playground, where wide-open spaces beckon to young adventurers. With an abundance of playground equipment, lush green lawns, and a vibrant menagerie of animals, Barnyard Kids is a haven for exploration and delight. Meet Eyore the donkey and his trusty pony companion, Lizzie, along with the gentle Beauty the cows, a playful flock of sheep, and our charmingly cuddly bunnies. Of course, no farmyard would be complete without the cheerful clucking of chickens, the graceful waddling of ducks, and the lively antics of geese. Kids are invited to engage with these delightful creatures under the watchful eye of our dedicated staff, ensuring both safety and a memorable experience.

Seamless Celebrations​

No matter the weather, Barnyard Kids offers a worry-free celebration space. Our expansive 100m2 undercover area, ensures that your party unfolds seamlessly, rain or shine.

A Journey of Learning and Laughter

Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape, Barnyard Kids presents a unique opportunity for farmyard fun and interactive learning. From pony rides that spark imaginations to hands-on encounters with our four-legged and feathered friends, every moment is a chance for discovery. Our venue resonates with the joy of discovery, offering a farm experience in the heart of the city.

Why Choose Barnyard Kids?

Nature's Playground

A space designed for outdoor adventures, fostering a love for nature and exploration

Pony Rides

Embark on an unforgettable journey atop our friendly pony, creating magical memories that last a lifetime

Seamless Enjoyment

Effortless, organised, and brimming with fun – every celebration is a masterpiece in the making

Weatherproof Venue

Rain or shine, our 100m2 roofed area ensures your celebration remains splendid, regardless of the weather.


Tailor your celebration to your liking. Allow us to orchestrate every detail, or take the reins and infuse your personal touch

Central Delight

Conveniently located in Midrand, Barnyard Kids offers easy accessibility for all

Join Us for Unforgettable Adventures

Barnyard Kids welcomes you to step into a world where children’s laughter, animal wonders, and cherished memories converge. Embrace the spirit of adventure and celebration, and let us be a part of your next unforgettable journey.